Biological System: Kidneys & The Urinary Track

I’m fascinated by a lot of the body’s functions and systems–they’re intricate, useful, and always somewhat mysterious. I’m specifically interested in the kidneys and how they relate to things like Kidney Disease, so this also ties into the urinary track system. This video from Crash Course has a good overview of the system:


The kidneys filter toxins from about 120 to 150 quarts of blood each day. They take out the toxins from the blood and then these toxins are dispelled through our urine.

The pieces:

  • Blood
  • Arteries/veins
    • carries blood to and from organs
  • Kidneys
    • millions of little filters within them
  • Ureters
    • the tubes that carry the urine from the kidneys to the urethra
  • Urethra
    • passes urine outside of the body
  • Urine
    • made up of wastes and extra fluid.


They interconnect as explained in the above video (which is better than I could ever write up) but to get a visual idea, they work together like this:


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